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Learning What Is Celiac Disease And How It Affects The Body

The key for many readers making discoveries on this disease may have something to do with the world-wide trend over the last few years to go gluten free. Many readers have been led to believe that there is great potential to enjoy better health through better eating practices in which many traditional ingredients with gluten in it are replaced with new healthier alternatives that are indeed gluten free.  The clue on learning what is celiac disease has perhaps come from many readers’ discovery that it is those with this disease that are most seriously afflicted by diets rich in gluten content.

what is celiac disease

So, this short note provides new readers with a brief introduction to the disease that has produced rather unpleasant symptoms for victims. And that is putting it rather mildly. The celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder that triggers these unpleasant symptoms in the body. Typical symptoms of this disease include weight loss, feelings of being tired at most times, gas and diarrhea, and slow recovery rates from these mentioned symptoms, among others.

Another symptom of the disease is the physically unpleasant skin rashes. These are red in color and come out as blisters. Gluten intolerant victims’ bodies’ autoimmune systems identify chains of peptides that exist in gluten. These are declared to be foreign invaders if you will. The affected body’s reaction to fight this invasion affects its villi. These are a series of small projections that line the body’s small intestine and are responsible for the absorption of nutrients.

Through several and regular such attacks, villi are damaged and the body can no longer absorb food nutrients in a healthy manner. This inability then leads to malnutrition with the obvious symptom of losing weight being the result, no matter how much food is eaten. And a distended or bloated gut is not uncommon either.  Fortunately, this disease is not life threatening, particularly if it is nipped in the bud at its earliest discovery.

And part of the recovery process entails absorbing a healthy diet bereft of gluten ingredients.