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Why Dieta Com Alta Proteina Is All The Rage

You better believe this; protein is still good for you. But those of you who have been picking up far too much fatty tissue weight over the last few years and continue to experience health issues that lead you running back and forth to your GP, may be wondering about this. You may be asking; you mean to say that steak and ribs is still good for me. Or you may be wondering just how your fried chicken (and fries) was of any help.

Steak is good for you. But not those French fries and chicken. Nor are those sticky wings and ribs. And yet, here you are, hearing us holler out loud that protein is still good for you. Here we are trying to tell you why a dieta com alta proteina is all the rage. This here is just a short intro. It won’t take a moment; it’s well known that your mouth’s watering again. That’s understandable, seeing as you only gulfed down your last chicken tikka burger (with fries) not so long ago.

dieta com alta proteina

You’ll still be eating your proteins, just not the way you used to. So, yes, forget about those barbecues and late night visits to the takeout joint. As the saying goes, there’s plenty more proteins where this diet came from. Steak is still good; only expect all of the fat to be hacked away. And then there’s fish and poultry. Poultry as in fried chicken you mean? Nope, not quite that. The chicken’s fatty skin tissue will be sliced away too.

In its place will be stir fry meals with plenty of delicious veggies thrown in. The crunchy stir fry veg, with an assortment of exotic nuts thrown in (assuming you have no allergies to nuts) is an ideal substitute for the heavily salted French fries. The sodium content in this is a heart killer. But there’s no sodium in your veg and nuts. Just make sure that you purchase the unsalted varieties. Yes, the temptation may still be there. Try out the cashews; they’re one of the tastiest varieties.

Also, olive oil comes in as a neat substitute. This oil is your good oil and is good for helping you control your cholesterol levels. So too, the vital ingredient of your fish oil. A rich source of protein, the fish also has that essential ingredient known as omega three.